Thursday, September 3, 2015

2 In School

School started last week 
and Indigo walked into 2nd grade wearing pink metallic cowboy boots.

Hazel started Kindergarten with her chin up.
My girl was ready to go!

We walk the girls to school and everyday around 10:30am 
Violet starts asking if we can go get her sisters.
Although I think she's enjoying playing with all their forbidden toys,
she sure misses her BFF's all day.

Can you tell how happy she is when school gets out?

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Leis Mean More...


Yes, we moved again.
From Honolulu back to Maryland.
This is our 5th move in 8 years.
(Honolulu to Maui to Maryland to Kauai to Honolulu to Maryland)

And true to form, our Hawaii family and friends sent us off so generously.
Parties with delicious food, heartfelt pules (Hawaiian prayers), gifts, leis and love, lots of love.
Hawaii will always be a special place for our family.
It's where Joe and I met and where all of our babies were born.
We feel lucky to have spent so many years in Hawaii.
But..."Wherever is your heart, I call home." (-Brandi Carlile)

Joe and I have the wanderlust gene (and seem to be passing it on). 
 We've finally found a job that will pay us to move every few years. 
I'm sure to some, this sounds like a nightmare. 
But to us, it sounds like a great game plan. 
We're back in Maryland for a year or so while Joe trains for his new job 
and then we'll be moving abroad. I'll let you know when we find out which country!

Since Joe grew up here and we lived nearby for a few years, 
we're lucky to have lots of friends and family around. 
The girls have had a really easy time moving, 
due to outings with old friends and cousins.

We're also enjoying the perks of living so close to Washington D.C. 
Besides having access to all the amazing museums ourselves; 
 an added bonus is that everyone wants to come visit so they can see the sights too. 
My oldest friend Sarah, who I grew up with on Maui, came to visit this week. 
We had a great time getting our families together and 
watching the next generation make new friendships. 

Joe and I got invited to a rooftop cocktail party a couple weekends ago. 
The views were spectacular! 
We were dressed up and childfree on a beautiful summer evening in the city. 
It was a great start to this new chapter.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring has Sprung and Summer is Coming

Since my last post, we've been busy...
I turned 36,
We took a family trip to Maui to celebrate my sister's engagement,
We went on our first camping trip here on Oahu,
Easter was celebrated,
We flew over to Maui and dropped the kids off at my mom's for a week,
Joe and I took a trip to MD together (alone for the first time in 8 years),
Brad and Lehia stayed the weekend with us,
and Marissa and Andrew stopped for a short visit en route to LA.


I've also been running around, trying to get Indigo and Hazel 
geographic exemptions to attend a public charter school nearby. 
There is a lot of paperwork and waiting involved. 
If we don't get approved for the GE's, 
our other option is to move into the charter school's district. 
I can definitely say, our life isn't boring.
We'll see what the summer brings!

My beautiful cake with it's edible sign.

Indigo refining her technique.

We tried to grow our own easter basket grass like last year,
but it never sprouted and got rotten instead.
The kids didn't seem to mind reverting to plastic grass,
as long as the chocolates showed up like usual.

Aunty Marissa was here for Indigo's school Spring Fling.
There was a flash mob this year and Indigo was front and center for it!

I never got into the scrapbooking trend, but am loving this Pic Collage app.
The templates are so cute and it's instantly gratifying.
Best of all, I don't have to store any supplies in my house or clean anything up!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Month in Maryland

We spent New Year's and most of January in Maryland.
Joe had a class to take at Hopkins and we had a lot of family and friends to visit too.
We took the direct red-eye to Dulles and the girls did great.

Violet was a little shocked at the cold!


We did a little exploring in the woods that Joe grew up playing in.

Violet walking on water.

We went ice-skating on a nice, sunny day.

More cousins!

The girls got to meet Olaf.

It snowed enough to go sledding on the sidewalk.
Violet was thrilled!

Megladon at the Baltimore Aquarium.

Enroute to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

We had fun visiting friends and taking in some sights, 
but we also spent a lot of time hanging out, staying warm by the wood stove.

Even more cousins!

On our way back home, we ran into this guy.
It was the perfect send off.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays 2014

Violet is 2

 These pictures say it all...

Violet is two! 
Now that we've celebrated Violet's birthday, we can get on with the holidays.
At first I thought that being born so close to Christmas (22nd) 
would somehow take away a bit of the excitement.
But now I realize it just adds to it.
It's a party packed week here at our house.
Solstice, Violet's Birthday, Festivus (just kidding), Christmas Eve...
We have so much to celebrate.
And we're so lucky to do it with this little girl.
Happy Birthday Violet!
You are the best early Christmas Gift ever.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Indigo is 7

We celebrated Indigo's 7th birthday last week.
She requested a visit to the aquarium, 
followed by a picnic at the park, 
topped off with a grand finale of a trip to...
The Disney Store!

(She IS a 7-year old girl living in America after all. 
Even these remote islands that we inhabit are not safe from Disney's Frozen-mania)

This year has been a big one for Indigo. 
Her reading and writing are flourishing. 
It's very exciting to see her discovering the world of books
and to hear her thoughts on the matter. 
At 7 years old Indigo is still in love with singing. 
She's also really gotten into drawing and tracing. 
Her specialty is fairies. 
She names her drawings and collects and sorts them, before turning them into books.
I remember being inspired by the movie The Gnome-Mobile
and doing this exact thing. I wonder if I was 7 at the time?

Happy Birthday Indigo!
You are an amazing girl.
We're so lucky to be part of your world.