Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer 2014, After The Fact

Summer is over, but I'm posting these old photos anyway.
If I don't, I'll forget the cool things we did 
and my memory of this summer will just be a blur of laundry, 
swimming lessons, constant snack making and heat induced bickering.
Here's a couple neat projects the girls and I did this summer.
We had fun and I think we'll be doing these again.


We poured our cream, sugar and vanilla in a small bag.
Then filled a bigger bag with ice and salt.
We put the little bag into the bigger bag and started shaking…

If you do it right, you can burn more calories than the ice cream contains.
Probably not, though.

Shake, shake, shake.

After 5 minutes, the ice cream was soft-serve style, 
so we shook it a few minutes longer,
and it was finally ready to eat!

We took a walk around our neighborhood and the girls gathered 
as many different flowers and leaves as their little hands could reach.
We arranged them on thick watercolor paper and fixed them with painter's tape. 
Then Indigo and Hazel got to pounding!
They loved this part, of course.
I was surprised at how vibrant the colors were.
Next time, I think we'll make some pretty cards using this technique.

 Back in June/July Violet was still content to watch the action from the sidelines, in her stroller.
Fast forward to 2 months later and this is definitely no longer the case.
Violet wants IN on things.
She's all up in the mix now.
Somebody give this girl a bag of ice to shake and a hammer to pound!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kiddie Pools Are For Everyone

Summer in Hawaii is hot and humid.
This is obvious, I know.
What might not be, is that most of us live in Hawaii without A/C.
Some of us also live in single wall construction cottages 
built in the 1950's with no insulation or ceilings fans…
plus no A/C.
Don't feel too bad though.
As a friend patiently pointed out to me as I was cursing the weather,
yes, it's true, the heat and humidity are a problem
but we're also blessed with the most wonderful solution...
The Pacific Ocean! 
(a mere 2 miles away)

For the days when Joe is at work and I can't manage a beach trip on my own, 
this tiny pool has been a great pinch hitter so far.

Indigo singing "Let It Go" at the top of her lungs.
I'm sure our neighbors (a house of twenty-something waiters) love living next door to us.
At least this serenade was in the afternoon and not 6 am on a Saturday, 
 which is how it usually goes down.
If the Disney anthems don't wake them up, 
 I'm sure my furious shushing and hissed warnings do the job.

Hazel warming her little okole on the pavement.

Violet playing on the most dangerous most fun spot, the stairs.

Typically, I think it's called a Kiddie Pool,
but Marissa and Andrew aren't into labels.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer 2014

Indigo started summer school last week. The difference from last summer is noticeable.
She's got a whole year of school etiquette and social skills 
under her belt and she's not afraid to use them.
Last summer Indigo was shy and timid, 
with the other kids as well as her teachers, all the way to the last day.
This summer, when I picked her up after her first day, she was thanking her teachers 
and shouting and waving goodbye to her friends as she hopped in the van.
One of her little girlfriends was even yelling out 
her mother's cell phone number as we pulled away from the curb.
Welcome to 1st grade!

Since Indigo is occupied during the mornings, 
I've been enjoying giving a little more attention to these two.
Hazel is such a helpful big sister and Violet LOVES trailing after her, 
copying whatever her big sister does.
Our summer is off to a nice start!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Plumeria Showers

We took a walk around UH's East West Center last weekend.
There is a beautiful Japanese garden behind the center that runs parallel to Manoa stream.
So much green! I swear I could feel my oxygen level rising.

Hazel had been cooped up in the house for a few days, 
so she was happy to put on her sling and get moving.

It's plumeria season and there were huge trees nearby.
The trees were still holding nearly as many flowers as they had dropped.

We collected some and gave Violet a Plumeria shower.

I don't know who enjoyed it more.
Indigo and Hazel were pretty delighted with themselves.

Violet signed "All Gone" after they threw the last of the flowers

Of course, Joe and I gathered more and gave Indigo, Hazel and Violet one last Plumeria shower.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week of Growth

What a week!
It started out with our first harvest of Japanese Cucumbers,

Which the girls immediately gobbled up.
It's one of their favorite snacks.

Then, this happened.
(the opposite of growth! if not the opposite, certainly a serious disruption)

My sweet Hazel was monkeying around on the bunk bed stairs and fell.
She broke her arm and the bone poked through. She also dislocated her elbow.
Surprisingly, she barely cried.
After an ambulance ride to the ER, surgery and a night spent in the hospital,
Hazel was so happy to have visitors.
Indigo brought her a giant Hello Kitty balloon and it worked it's magic.

We're home now and Hazel is rockin' her pink cast and getting back to business.
Can't keep this girl down for long.
Let the healing and growth continue!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day On Maui

 We spent last weekend on Maui. 
My brother Brad and his girlfriend Lehia hosted Mother's Day Brunch 
and the whole family got to be together. 
The food was good and the company was even better.

After brunch we headed over to one of our favorite beaches on Maui (for kids).

We played until the sun set.
It was a good day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

First Recital

Indigo had her first violin recital yesterday. 
She did great!
She stood in front of 40 people and played her scratchy Open E Concerto like a pro. 
A pro who's only been actually playing the violin for 6 weeks now.
I'm emphasizing playing because before you're allowed to make music with your violin, 
there's ALOT to learn about the various parts, how to hold both the violin and bow, etc. 
When you're six years old this learning period goes very sloooooowly.
But Indigo kept at it and now she finally gets to make some noise music.
Watching her sawing away on her tiny violin is one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

In other news, Joe has gotten interested in Plumeria breeding and his cuttings are starting 
to flower now that summer is coming. He's collected some beautiful specimens. 

Violet has become an escape artist. 
(well, maybe I'm exaggerating because that door IS open after all)
She used to be wary of climbing down the step and going outside, 
but recently she's outgrown that psychological barrier.
Violet has moved on from napkin shredding to a new favorite past time...

Slipper snatching!