Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hazel Kiyomi Aolile Vukovich was born at home, Sept. 29th at 4:22 pm. She weighed 8 lbs. 4 ozs. was 22" long and had a 14.25" head. We are so happy she's here!

Since I'm always interested to know what names mean, I'll fill you in on Hazel's...

"Kiyomi" is a Japanese name that translates to "pure beauty".

"Aolile" is a Hawaiian name that means "bright, dazzling light/day". It's a similar meaning to my own middle name "Akari".

Indigo is enjoying being a big sister. She always wants to kiss and hug Hazel and likes to touch her little nose and feet. She's adjusting pretty well to having her world rocked and so far hasn't shown anything but affection for her little sister. Although, Indigo occasionally asks for me to give baby Hazel "back to grandma!" when she wants a book read to her.


  1. what wonderful pictures. thanks for sharing.

  2. Hazel is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her! We are going to the mainland for 13 days and then we will have to get together before you go! Take care!

  3. I love her names and the meanings. She is a bright light of pure beauty! I see both you and Joe in her. And Indigo looks like such a great big sister. It's so funny to see Indigo look so big since I always think of her as the tiny one! Hope you are feeling well :)

  4. Three beauties, Joe is a blessed man! Can't wait to see you all before you depart. Love all of her names and their meanings. Much Aloha, Elizabeth, Steve and Max

  5. what a beautiful little angel. i really like the names you chose. the wisdom in those little eyes is astounding. congratulations! lots of love.

  6. Hazel Kiyomi Aolile Vukovich...what an amazing, joyful baby! We love her
    SO much, already. And Indigo is so sweet, caring and loving and always remembering to include her "baby sister Hazel too!" Love Mom