Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Old School Logging

This is the last time I'm going to write about wood. 
I swear. 
I know I said the same thing the last time...but this is it, for sure.


This past weekend Joe and I went into the forest, armed with a two-man (or woman) saw, to look for dead trees. Joe knew where a dead oak tree was from his recon. work the week before.

So we got down to business. Push, pull, push, pull. It's really hard work. 
I was out of breath and had to take a break every few minutes.

 Look at the teeth on that!

After a lot of sawing and a few breaks, it was time to give that old tree a push.


But that was only the half of it. 
After we cut the tree down, we still had to saw it into sections about 4 feet long.

Push, pull, push, pull.

Then, we carried the logs out of the forest and loaded them into the truck.
(And repeated the entire process 3 more times)

Finally, we drove home and I collapsed into a useless heap on the sofa.

Joe, on the other hand, unloaded all the logs, cut them into shorter logs (with a chainsaw) that would fit into our wood stove, and split the larger ones into pieces.

All in a day's work, he says.

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