Friday, January 25, 2013

A Proper Introduction

I'd like you all to meet...

Violet Akiko Mahinahiehie Vukovich
Born at home on Dec. 22nd at 8:20pm
7lbs. 10 oz. & 20"long

Wondering about that lengthy moniker, are you?

"Akiko" means "bright, shining, light" in Japanese
(similar to my own middle name of Akari and her sister Hazel's middle name of Aolile)

The night Violet was born, there was a gorgeous full moon...
"Mahinahiehie" means "very attractive or beautiful moon" in Hawaiian


Violet is adored in the way only a third baby can be;
doted on and constantly snuggled by her two older sisters.
She's also enjoying a much calmer mama & daddy;
who've learned a few lessons after surviving her siblings.
It rings true...
Third time's a charm.


  1. she is too damn much!!!!! so so darling! and i'm so happy to see her sweet face and LOVE that name. I have not forgotten the photos...i keep meaning to ask kristin if i CAN...i'm sure she won't care, but it's one of those things..our paths haven't crossed this week...i will get on it!!!!

    3 really is a charm.


  2. Blessings to you dear Kim. Violet is such a beautiful little lady and I just adore her names.
    I am the oldest of three girls and I definitely think three is a charm. Even thought both my sisters are in VA we are best friends and talk on the phone several times a week/day.
    You have such a beautiful family.

  3. Welcome to the world, beautiful child.
    Her name is lovely... and I remember that December moon.
    It was exceptional.

  4. Seriously you make the most beautiful children ever! Warm wishes to your growing ohana!