Monday, February 11, 2013


Well...this is a week late and I have no picture of Indigo. 
Plus! I have no pictures of anyone for week 6 of 52. 
Not a single one. 
With my first born, we took hundreds of pictures every week for her entire first year of life.
And by the third hasn't even been two months and already I'm seriously slacking.
There are less pictures getting taken, but as you can see...
Violet has got her fair share of lovin'!

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  1. I hear you Kim, it just happens! I have albums full of the first one, by number 5 I am happy to find just one baby photo.
    Your girls are beautiful and getting so big!

  2. I am the first born and there are three photo albums of just me, until my brother was born when I was three and a half and my parents put the photos of him (and I) in a ziplock bag and never album-ed them! It's the plight of a younger sibling I guess...

  3. Remember what Tutu said when I asked her how come there are hardly any baby photos of me? She said I looked just like Jo-Ann, so they didn't take many. Ha! ha! Like you said, it gets made up with lots of attention and loving from the older siblings. Aunty Jo-Ann, Uncle Ron and the older cousins made sure of that! We know Violet is just as appreciated, cuddled and loved as Indigo and Hazel.


  4. oh my goodness, soooo cute!!!!!