Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Indigo Turns 6

I cannot believe Indigo is six years old.
There is no way it's been a whole year since her last birthday.

But when I see how grown up she looks and think about how much she's learned...
Well, then I can't believe only a year has gone by.

This year Indigo became a Big-big sister, learned to swim without a floater, 
started reading and writing, went to school for the first time
learned to ride her bike and how to tell time. 
She can count to 100, run faster than the wind, 
and sing opera (with made up Italian lyrics) as loud as you can take it.
There's no telling what this next year will bring! 

Indigo, our wish came true when we had you.
Happy 6th Birthday, my beautiful girl!

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