Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bake Me A Cake As Fast As You Can!

I baked these Italian Seven-Layer Cookies last week.
It was for a special occasion. 
My book club was meeting and the book was set in Italy, 
so I thought these would be perfect. 
My book club ladies know I have small children 
and they were all aghast that I chose such a tedious dessert to make. 
But sometimes, I just have to make stuff, you know?
For this stage of life, I've given up all my artistic hobbies 
so cooking and baking have taken their place.

That being said, baking with Violet around is becoming tricky. 
 She has become a pro at pulling out the dining chairs and climbing up on the table.
These days, Violet is happiest perched in the middle of the kitchen table.
After she's finished her work of shredding and throwing all the napkins on the floor,
she proceeds to inspect all condiments thoroughly; giving each one a good shake or two.

A couple weeks ago, I set a pan of brownies to cool on the table and walked out of the room.
A while later, I came back and caught Violet gouging out the middle with her little chubby fingers.
She got a few handfuls of brownie in her mouth before the jig was up.

I gotta keep an eye on this girl!
(just like her sister)


  1. My Erin use to do the same thing, now she is a Johnsons & Wales graduate teaching Culinary Arts!

  2. I hear you... sometimes the creative bug must be free to fly!
    Sounds like Violet has your passion, too.