Monday, April 28, 2014

Koi & Butterfly

We went to Ala Moana Center, in search of a gift for a 6-yr old friend's birthday.
Indigo had it in her head that she wanted to find a stuffed animal puppy 
that resembled her friends dog, who recently passed away.
She knew how sad her friend was about her dog dying and wanted to comfort her.
So we went to the mall and looked high and low…
only to find that Ala Moana has no toy stores.
They have Tory Burch and Harry Winston and every other luxury brand you could name
 (plus a bunch of ones you can't)
but very few normal stores, and not a single toy store, aside from LEGO.
I guess this isn't exactly groundbreaking news;
Hawaii is a luxury destination for the world's wealthiest vacationers, after all.
But in my daily world of school drop-offs and chores and reading children's books 
and going to swimming lessons I sometimes forget where we live. 
In fact, sometimes I think where we live doesn't much matter at all.
Hmmmm. Deep thoughts. Anyway...

We finally found a gift shop for pet lovers, where Indigo picked out a little stuffed Border Collie.
Mission Accomplished!
We spent the rest of our time watching the Koi fish lazily swim around their pool.
Violet was especially impressed and continually pointed and squealed until it was time to go.

On Saturday we went to the Spring Fling carnival at Indigo's school.
The girls had a great time playing games and making crafts, 
but the highlight for my little artists was getting their faces painted.
Indigo sat there, still as a statue, for at least 15 minutes,
which is a long time for my busy girl.
When she looked in the mirror at the end, her huge smile said it was worth every second!

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  1. Must've been hard keeping Violet from jumping in to catch the koi! Indigo makes a beautiful butterfly. Bet she didn't want to wash her face that night. All three girls have gorgeous hair!